Andrew (twisted_heart) wrote,

So I've officially moved back to North Carolina which is legit. But I forgot that the fucking air conditioning cuts off between 1 and something so I wake up hot and sweaty at 4:00 in the morning friggin pissed off. Of all times to cut off the air conditioning why do it at night WHEN EVERYONE IS SLEEPING and you get used to the fucking temperature. I'm going to try to work through Senate when school starts and try to get them to run it, it's probably a sneaky financial thing but it fucking makes me miserable, they should just cut it off midday when people are usually out at class or something something else... I mean what the fuck.

Working with Nancy is cool, I'm basically just sitting around the office and doing odd end jobs and helping out. I've set up my computer and my room and it's all coming together quite nicely. I'm going to buy a PSP today which is exciting too. I don't really know why I collect games when I don't really play them that often but there's just something about it that's fun and nostalgic. Although it's a very very expensive habit, drugs are more expensive so I guess it works out? Dunno.

I let my charger at home, I think my mom is able to bring it up soon. My sister said that she would be able to bring it up today; however, she hasn't sent me any sort of message about it. So I'll just wait around and play it by ear, not having a phone can be a pain in the ass though. 2 days until other RA's get here, and then I think 9 days until Mer gets here. One of her friends was all like "Are you really going to keep her from me on that day?" and I was like "Hell shit yeah I am!" Long distance relationships blow, they're like the worst ever because you can never see each other, and if people try to keep me from seeing my girl when she's like 40 feet away, I might attack them... like woah.

Being back home was kind of fun, but it sucks when you're not somewhere long enough to set up any sort of schedule or thing like that. I hardly had a room, my comp was set up in my niece's room that didn't even have a friggin table... it sucked. Anyway, I'm going to dick around until the AC turns on and then I'll try to get some more sleep.
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