Andrew (twisted_heart) wrote,

I'm sick, it sucks. Anyway, I didn't clean my car, well I cleaned it some, I ordered some stuff online, I don't have any text books to get I finished watching the Netflix thing, I went through my phone and deleted some people I didn't know, texted some people randomly and just well... I basically acted like I was drunk because I'm tired and a lil sick so it usually has the same sort of side effect.

I'm getting RStone for my sister and her bf which is nice. OH! I need to put my laundry in the dryer, I'll do that before I go to bed. I've been watching this really entertaining anime called Baccano it's hard to explain, but it's good crazy and violent. Um... I didn't do all the dishes because Sarah and Eric did some, and I didn't go to Taco Bell! So that's also exciting. I didn't go to the pool and I didn't get started reading, I'll try to do those tomorrow.

I think I left Kristen a message about some programs I want to do when I get back... maybe I can fill those out tomorrow.

I've been feeling kinda down, but I think all I needed to do was ask for some validation and a "so you think I'm an important life" thing and then after a simple "Yeah, you're a chill dude." I usually feel better.

Man, I'm tired so I'm going to head in, I just wanted to post before I go to bed. maybe I'll watch another one of that anime.
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yo dude i'm coming to town either thursday night or friday morning, we should hang out. i can tell you that you are a chill dude.