Andrew (twisted_heart) wrote,

Ok, so today I did 2 sets of the 30 min DDR mix, before that I did 25 pushups and 30/30 crunches and after that I did 2 more sets of the 25 - 30/30 and I did 5 of those leg lift things... Those used to hurt my lower back a lot, but now it doesn't feel as bad, I just need to take is slow... Maybe that'll end up helping my lower back problem.

So- I thought earlier about doing the pushups slow, but first I think I'm going to try to get to a total of 100 pushups (Because that's impressive IMO) and then start doing the last set slower and controlled, adn then the second to last set and the last, etc. Until the strength builds up to do them all that way.

Tonight I'm going to swing dance lessons. Which I think is very exciting. I think it's kind of funny that the more you work out the longer it takes. Oh well, time to shower and then study my ass off for my japanese test tomorrow.
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