Andrew (twisted_heart) wrote,

So they say that you're supposed to keep a work out journal, it helps you know what you've done and keeps the idea of working out in the future on your mind. So that's what I'm going to use LJ for. I'm going to omit it because I'll be posting almost every day and I don't want to take up people's space with my own work out habits and what-not.

So this morning I did in this order.

25 pushups 15 crunches 15 "cross over" crunches. I've found that doing them with my legs raised helps.

20 DDR songs mixed with mostly random standard songs and some random heavy songs and a few selected heavy songs.

10 random heavy songs.

25 pushups
15 c
15 coc

50 of those arm waving things that you do in pilaties with your legs up and your stomach in and do short breaths while you pump your arms.

20 (on each side) of this thing where you lie down and curl your body to the side to work on your love handles... It didn't seem to work very well.

11 pushups (This time instead of just going up and down I tried to pause at full flexion and extension and could only do 11, but this is also 11 more than I normally do I so I'm not sure if that's the reason I couldn't do any more.

15 crunches
15 cross over crunches.

So- in summary,

about 45 min of cardio
61 pushups
90 crunches
with a little bit of other ab work. It's 30 crunches and 11 pushups more than I normally do, I'll try to match it tomorrow, because I like having sets I'll try to get up to 75 pushups, but it might take a while.

Does anyone know a good exercise that isolates your love handles?
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holy shit andrew, i know just about everything you need to when it comes to core/"love handle" mumbo jumbo. this is funny, i was just going over that stuff last night too.
maybe i'll see you when you get back.. maybe we'll hang out.. i'll definately show you them.

love ya,
hahaha That sounds great! My adventure is certainly epic at this moment involving sleeping in a car in a parking lot near Harvard. It's pretty cool. We will certainly hang out when I end up getting back 'round july 11th. Or maybe the 2 days of inbetween travel. Who knows, you're awesome and take care.